Hammad Abdullah (the guy writing this page) is the creator of Launch It Big which is a well-structured launch method that helps you build an audience, position yourself as an expert, and amp up your income by launching your course. He is not here to sugarcoat things for you, bullshit you, or cuddle you. He’s here to give you ONE thing only, the thing that you most desire; RESULTS.

The first person narrative...

Hey there! Hammad here, a 33 year old guy from Pakistan, working with clients in 4 continents and 12 countries. I have a loving wife, and a kid.

I’m irrevocably in love with food, traveling and giving back, and appreciate the little things life has to offer (including Netflix).

Now I’m pretty sure the above information doesn’t play any part in YOU making money from an online course. So let’s get right to the point.

If you’re wondering…

“Is this guy really worth my time and money?”

The answer for many is simply NO.

Here's why:

1. I can’t help you if you don’t have an audience, and worse? You’re not willing to build one.

Listen! I know you’re all brilliant and smart, and your course or course idea is fantastic, but if you don’t have people believing in you, resonating with your message, and following you, you don’t have a business to begin with.

It doesn’t matter how you build your audience; Facebook Ads, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, JV Partnerships, networking, etc. It just needs to be built and nurtured – consistently.

Show up, share value, be the face of your business.

Because one surefire way to FAIL your launch is to launch to an empty room. And the ones who LAUNCH IT BIG are the ones who give a damn about building their community, their email list, their tribe.

Don’t know how to do that in today’s competitive marketplace? Don’t worry, I will teach you what to do, but you’ll have to bring your A-Game.

2. I don’t want to help you if you have no real experience or knowledge in what you’re trying to sell.

Honestly, I’m SO done with helping people “fake it till they make it.” Let the war against fake coaches, consultants, and course-creators begin!

Trust me, people come to me for launch strategy and the next thing you see is that they’re selling their “signature course” on “how to launch an online course.”

So, if you’re not sure what you’re good at, or you want to sell something you don’t know shit about, pardon me. I don’t want to help you. If it’s the former, I’d suggest you do some groundwork first. Do some digging, learn the skill, invest in education, and work with people 1:1 to gain experience and validate your idea. And if it’s the latter, have some integrity.

3. I won’t help you if you’re all talk and no action.

I can get you on a call and sell you on a $10,000 package, but if you don’t take action and end up making a big fat zero, will I feel good about it? NO.

So if you aren’t gonna pick up the slack and do your part then I am not going to help you (or better put, just take your money for nothing).

Look, the online world is full of possibilities and opportunities, and you can make a shit ton of money (while you sleep and all), but 6-figure launches, passive income, profitable funnels – all these things demand ACTION.

Nobody’s expecting you to be perfect and all polished up. But you’ve got to take massive consistent action as action creates momentum and momentum generates money.

Are we still good? Perfect!

Here’s what you can expect from me.

My focus is to help you launch your online course or program in a way that enables you to build an audience, get seen as an expert, and make boatloads of money.

I then help you turn the whole process into an evergreen automated system, so you can make more profits by doing less.

And no, we’re not just talking about your launch/funnel strategy here. Through my done-with-you packages, my team and I handle everything for you – from clarity to offer creation, from copy to design & tech…EVERYTHING!

I find this to be the best solution for entrepreneurs who don’t want to wait an eternity to achieve their BIG BOLD goals.

Here’s What to Do Next:

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If you resonate with what I have to say, you should pay close attention to what I have to sell.

Let’s build something powerful together!



I'm a Cyberlin monk trained in the sacred art of digital marketing and funnel building under the guidance of grandmaster Interneto. I come bearing a message from the book of the grandmaster, "Where there is an idea, let there be a course."