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Because life's too short to get caught up in tech nightmares and beat yourself over it.

One of the following describes you to a tee!

You’re good at what you do. Damn good. But do you know what you’re not good at? TECH! And that stops you from doing the things that you want to do and truly make an impact with your work. Website maintenance, plugins, sorting out email sequences, tweaking sales pages for better conversions and the list goes on. You wish someone could just handle it for you, someone who knows what they’re doing, so you can focus on what you do best and make a name for yourself!

Things have been pretty good lately. Business is picking up, money’s rolling in, and you’re quite happy overall. EXCEPT…you’re too darn busy. You just don’t have the time to implement new strategies and get your hands dirty with techy tech. Maybe you wanna add an evergreen webinar to the mix, maybe it’s time for you to segment your list, or maybe, you wanna add an upsell/down-sell sequence to your funnel, whatever it is, you want someone capable to handle it for you.

I see those veteran stars on your shoulder! You’ve launched your program/course a few times, things are looking up for you and you’re ready to leverage automation to scale your business. You know what you want, you just need someone to execute your vision and save you precious time. Whether it’s implementing advanced digital marketing strategies or fixing a botched job, you want someone on your team to do it all for you, someone reliable, capable and competent.

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(These packages are designed keeping in mind the needs of entrepreneurs at various levels in their business.
If you feel that you require a more customized package, do not hesitate to reach out.)

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Make a 3-month or longer commitment (Paid in Full) and get a FLAT 10% Discount on your package price.


  • STEP - 1

    Subscribe to the basic retainer package, or if you want the custom package, book a consultation with me by clicking the button above.

  • STEP - 2

    We'll get on a call and discuss your business operations, create a shared G-Drive or Dropbox folder and you'll provide me with the necessary login information.

  • STEP - 3

    Whenever you need something done or fixed, either email me (preferably) or drop me a message on my personal Voxer and it'll be taken care of (my team will get it done ASAP depending on the nature of the task).

  • STEP - 4

    If you're on a custom retainer, you have the option to get on a "Clarity & Strategy" call with me when you're in a sticky situation.