Copy vs. Design – Which one is more important and WHY?

Million-dollar question, isn’t it?

Or, shall we say an explosive one, depending on who you ask.

There are layers after layers of controversy wrapped around this question. Everyone has their opinion, an explanation better than the person before them, trying to tip the scales in their favor. And don’t be surprised if you find a few people ready to kill to come out on top!

In the midst of getting more business, the whole reason behind the question “Copy or Design” fades away into the shadows.

Greed begins clouding judgement and turns into an all-out war…who’s gonna get the job.

So, let’s cut the shit today, shall we?

And get to the real point.

How can you get a better conversion rate?

Because that’s all YOU (as a business owner) need to care about.

Whether it’s fancy, wordy, minimal or concise… you want MORE sales.

You didn’t get into business to feel good, toss around whatever money you have and when it comes to making it back, you’re staring at the ass end of your wallet wondering where did it all go?

Now before I dive any further into this, there are 4 things you need to understand and remember when we’re talking about a website, lead magnet, or sales page.

    1. A design can be simple, sleek and minimal or funky, fancy and elaborate
    2. Copy can be a one liner, one para or a 6,000 words sales page
    3. A design can speak about your personality in ways words cannot
    4. Copy can paint a picture that a design never can

You must be getting my point; the debate was NEVER about Copy vs. Design.

What really, truly matters is:

    • Clarity of the message you want to convey
    • Simplicity of the design that keeps the reader hooked
    • The picture you make them see, the pain, desire and dreams you evoke
    • The colors or lack of colors which allow them to touch the page itself and feel its roughness or smoothness


There are stages in business, and at every stage people will judge you, they will inspect you, they will want to like to you.

Copy and design are both equally important to magnetize people to your brand and what you have to offer.

Have a different opinion? Agree with me? Drop a comment below!