How To Build an Ethical Affiliate Bussiness?

  1. Start off by nailing down what it is that you want to sell.

    Do not try to conquer everything at once. You have to find your starting point (one product, a set of products by the same company or a few products specifically aimed at one industry).

  2. Set your Facebook & Instagram profiles. Pay special attention to:
    • Your DP (preferably your picture, nothing spooky or fishy)
    • Your cover photo (should be warm & welcoming and tell people what you do)
    • The bio section (infuse some personality into it, but don't be clever, be clear)
    • Use the "Featured Image" section wisely and send people to either your FB group if you have one or your email list (lead magnet).
  1. Give yourself a meaningful title (something more than just Affiliate Marketer), avoid being clever or cheesy, be specific.
    • Funnel Building Facilitator (Selling ClickFunnels Products)
    • Small Biz Facilitator (Selling various products that small businesses need on daily basis)
    • Health or Skin Care Specialist
    • Toolsmith for XYZ Niche (Selling must-have tools for some niche)
    • The Tea Dude or Girl (Selling exotic teas)
    • The Organic Ninja or Organic Chick (Selling organic products; supplements, soaps, skincare, etc.)
  1. Try to understand, really understand the ideal clients of the products you’re going to sell. What is their pain, why do they need to have that product, how does it make their life better?
  1. Find at least 5 relevant Facebook Groups + Research Hashtags on Instagram (see what your competitors are using).
  1. Start creating unique, relevant and engaging content around your niche + pain + problems people are facing. You have to present yourself as someone who know what they’re talking about. (Don’t pitch just yet, create connection, engage with people and build trust).
  1. Be helpful to others: Visit other pages, groups, profiles and comment on their posts, leave meaningful replies and leverage their visibility to your benefit.
    • Do not pitch blatantly, be respectful and connect genuinely.
    • Your goal should be to share value, give your opinion and get people to want to know you and be friends with you.
  1. While you’re doing that, you also need to begin creating a Lead Magnet to hook people in and get them onto your email list (yes, list building is VERY important even in affiliate marketing).

Lead Magnet can be in the form of a PDF Guide or a Video (also called a bridge page):

    • Top 5 Tools for Building a 6-Figure Funnel
    • Top 10 Tools 7-Figure Entrepreneurs Use
    • 5-Steps to a Younger You Even at 40
    • ONE tool that can save you $5000 A YEAR
    • Buyers Guide for XYZ
    • 10-Min Training On How to Use XYZ PRODUCT
  1. Your Lead Magnet (Video/PDF) should not be a direct pitch, make sure to give value, this is where you can use your research from #4 to help you connect with the ideal clients, get them to value your opinion by showing understanding of their pain, problems and dreams. Ease them into buying that product. (Don’t forget to put an affiliate disclaimer)

  2. You can also use a Tripwire page where you deliver the video or guide on the next page + create a short sales page selling your product (don’t forget to put an affiliate disclaimer).

  3. Till now, you’ve built a reliable, trust-worthy online presence that doesn’t feel icky to anyone and you’re coming from a place of VALUE, not chasing money.

  4. Now it’s time to up your game and start focusing on your website. This doesn’t have to be super fancy; the purpose of the website is to have:
    • A virtual Home for everyone to get to know you.
    • A relevant blog that talks about the products you’re promoting and links people to buy.
    • Pretty links for your affiliate programs by using a redirection plugin (like: or or
  1. Your website MUST HAVE these pages:
    • Home – This can be a short page, introducing who this website is for, what you do, and feature your blogs on it.
    • About – Have a short story about yourself and share your message/your WHY.
    • Blog – Page with all your blogs.
    • Resources – Here you will list down all your affiliate products (and a few other useful links if you like)
    • Contact – This one needs no description, right? 😉

TIP for Website: Use your pictures, personalize it so visitors connect with you and don’t feel like visiting yet another person trying to get them to click a link.

  1. It's always a REALLY good idea to try the products you're going to be selling. So show yourself using those products/services, make a video if you can and let people know that you only recommend what you use.

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