No One Wants to Buy Your Offer.

You spend days…even weeks working on the perfect offer, the one you think that’s gonna be one to finally crack that treasure chest open and get the money rolling in.

You start with nailing down that perfect offer which people are going to just LOVE.

You write the most epic sales copy that’s going to provoke pain, evoke dreams and invoke the courage to take action.

You slap together a captivating sales page where buyers won’t be able to get enough and hit the buy button until the color wears off.

Then what happens?

The damn crickets! That’s what.

Heartbreaking… isn’t it?

All that effort and MAYBE just one sale (that you probably had to refund because well 1 person in a program doesn’t really make a lot of sense… does it?)

So what do you do…

  • When you have a kickass business idea (or at least others are doing it successfully)
  • When the content is great
  • When your marketing strategy is actually A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.
  • Your offer is unlike any other offer in the market before

Then why on earth is no one buying from you?

Have you ever considered that it's not your offer, they are interested in… it’s actually YOU?

They don’t want your offer, they want to work with you because they see YOU.

… your experience, your way of doing things, your unique personality.


There is a unique way of how you do things. And it's you who makes that business unique.

It's you who they find worth investing their money in.

The distinctive way you present yourself + what you have to offer is what makes you invest-worthy.

That intimate touch, the personalized spice, the individualistic nature of your offer – that’s where success lies!

Businesses are run by people. And if the runner of the show fails to inspire others, there is literally no value to the offer you make.

And now you’re probably wondering… what can you do to make it right?

Two things:

  • Show up – whatever platform you’re using social media, blogging, videos, you need to be real, raw and visible. The more people see you, the more they are able to connect with you. Consistency is key!
  • What is your experience that makes your uniquely qualified to help these people? Answer this question, tell them why you’re the best person to help them, how can you understand what they’re going through.

Now! Over to you.

What was the last thing offer you put out there, and how is it working out for you so far?